The Devil Spokesman

by Hyde Abbey

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Peio Goienetxea Aramburu Que discazo!!! Me corro toooooo Favorite track: Who Is Afraid Now?.
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released April 26, 2016

Produced by Edgar Beltri.
Recorded by Edgar Beltri and Mario Patiño at La Atlantida Estudio.
Recording assistant, Jon Badi.
Voices recorded by Aleix Archs and Toti at BloQ Estudi.
Mixing and mastering by Mario Patiño at La Atlantida Estudio.
Artwork by Marc Rios at Conspiracy Studio.
April 26th 2016, Barcelona, SP.



all rights reserved


Hyde Abbey Barcelona, Spain

Hyde Abbey is a Deathcore band formed in Mataro, BCN In early 2010. On 2011 the band edit their first album "Hall of Shame" (Suspiria Records) and start a tour over the country, playing in festivals and opening for some international bands. On 2013 the band will realease their next album, recorded at La Atlantida Studio and produced by Edgar Beltri. ... more

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Track Name: We Will Fight
We will never give up fighting
Until our pride rest in peace
They will fear our vengeance
Their cry will be our hymn

We’ll fight!
We will fight!

The red dyes the oceans
and the earthborn prayers rumbles upon the sky.
The sirens sing our fucking last will
and this is going to follow us forever.

We gotta stand.
No one can sink us.
We’re gonna drown you
in your own betrayal.

Your blood will quench
our thirst of revenge.
Your blood falling from the sky
will quench our thirst for revenge.
Track Name: Who Is Afraid Now?
Feeling alone, against the world
hidden at home, no being part of them.

Cries from and inside world are rising me,
there are so many ways to kill
to murder anyone or make them fucking pain.
A murder instinct is taking part of me,
this kid’s evil feeling
is gonna change, change everything.

While I’m crying, I felt asleep
In insane nightmare where I learned how to kill

And I scream, who is afraid now?
While they cry like they were fucking sheeps
And I scream, who is afraid now?
I’m the devil spokesman, and I do the devil’s will

Now I’m back, holding a knife
The revenge mask is covering my face.
Track Name: Scuff Your Pain
Looked in my deep inside,
staying behind a false smile.
trying to keep my heart inside my rotten chest.
Is not so simple, my skin full of scars,
but there is not enough blood
in my inside to make bleed my wounds.

It’s hard to go ahead
with a cystic life.
Tear off your pain,
pluck it from your day
and then go ahead.

Introspectively, everything becomes clouded.
Brings to light your fears and scuff your pain.

Scuff your fucking pain
Scuff your pain!

There’s not enough
blood to make bleed my wounds.
Track Name: Bake Kujira

No one is safe, don’t run you can not fucking scape.

The sea is being opened .
while our ship is sinking into the depths.
The sea is being opened.

No one is safe in this ship of sin.
The pain we’ve grieved turns against us.
The trial of nature is preparing to judge us.
by our heinous crimes.

No one is safe now!

The hunter has been haunted!
with no mercy
cupidity has blinded them.

Pollution, animal crimes, human insanity,
corruption, inequality, slaughter.

Our blood once again,
staining on their hands once again.
Track Name: Black Death
Vultures flying over the same prey
using their power to seal any opportunity,
which are sunk by their hands.

If we can’t talk, we’ll sight,
and our sorrow is sharper than a knife.

And their mistakes becomes buried,
becomes buried behind a smokescreen
that only they are able to believe in it.

The Black Death takes their flag as a banner.
Our voice will pull off their wings, their wings.

Their evil silhouette is not stopping us.
Track Name: Face Blindness
I can’t see my face.

I take a look in the mirror,
the indifference covers my face.
I face with myself, who I see is not me.
Is not a possession, Is not an evil thing.

I lost the ability,
I can not recognize me.
Is not a mental pathology.
Humanity has lost their humanity.


I look around, I can not see people,
Just carbon and chemicals
Following orders, losing control.
I look around, I can not see people,
through this sea of un-deads I stay away,
I just want not to be part of them.

Passers of a locked system.
A system dug into the depths of our behavior.
We're locked.
Track Name: Mantrap
Blood, death, it is what they desire
To get more power and get strength.
In this holy war, we are the prey.
We run, we escape from this hell.

We won’t allow this anymore.
We won’t allow this any fucking more.

We’re are tired to run.
We’re are tired.
We’re are tired to hide.
We’re are tired.

Cause we are running too fast and losing our life.
Running to fast and losing our fucking life.

Tonight we’ll take the cities.
Tonight we’ll burn it all.

The new sun will shine
through the shadows that blind our hope.
Unity is strength!
if we pull hard on the rope,
we’ll break the lines.
We are gonna destroy every mantrap.
Track Name: We Are One
Is the end!

The end of everything.
Cold and tactless, I feel nothing.
A warmth holds my hand
to don’t let me go.
His tears wet my chest
dressed in a fucking hospital gown.

Don’t scream my name,
don’t make it harder.

And now, the devil’s hand has touched me,
and I can’t feel anything else.
I got no choice, there is no second chance
I leave this world to let someone take my place.

Start over again.
Cold and broken, my corpse lies
I’ll be part of you,
take me on your heart.
Dead I’m stronger than alive,
now I’ll take care of you, son. Forever.

My best memories are setting against the worst
feelings which are arising in my rotten inside.
I will never wake up again,
but now your life has born again.

No one can bring us down
because now we are one.

Now, we are one.
Track Name: A Way To Live
Fighting against the world
Fighting against to all
we are spending our life for this.
To make true our same dream.
Staying together at the same ship.
Break up with everything you hate.

Nobody said it was easy.

We are spending our lives in our bands.
We are ready to burn off every stage
there’s no road we have not traveled
coming from our personal hell.

For all we've done, for all we trust
we are willing to sacrifice everything in our life
For all we fight, for all we’ve dreamed,
we are willing to sacrifice everything in our life.

For those who question
why do we’re doing this?
For those who said: and, Do you earn money with this?
we take their words and break them on their faces.

Breaking out with what everyone expects of you.
Going against the tide is when we feel stronger .

Nobody said it was easy

For all we’ve done, for all we trust,
for all we fight. Live and Die.
For all we fight, for all we’ve dreamed.
We are willing to sacrifice everything in our life.