from by Hyde Abbey



Her first sight possessed me to my insides,
Erasing my freedomwill.
My life was gone.
Blank eyes, I see no men safe, I see corridors where a virgin screams

I see blood stained blankets and death on her caresses
Countless souls withered, as years in his back
Her beauty concealed in crevices
Falling apart to finally uncover the insatiable monster.

It's hitting in the seams of the soul
I walked into the empty house to steal his portrait

But I found her lying with hands on his heart
neither a heartbeat, neither a breathing
echoed in the solitude of her dwelling
once she awake

Your life is being taken away

Everything that touches with her lips is reduced to ashes.
Too late to reconsider escape,
enslaves the souls of the deluded
She is secluded from the slumber

waiting the unwary who can deceive by her unreal beauty,
With souls snatched heated the embers,

slowly depletes me
Trapped with no alternative
I feel how my limbs are being consumed

as my blood dries while my desire increases on every ritual
the deceit is obvious but her beauty is overwhelming


from Ooparts, released April 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Hyde Abbey Barcelona, Spain

Hyde Abbey is a Deathcore band formed in Mataro, BCN In early 2010. On 2011 the band edit their first album "Hall of Shame" (Suspiria Records) and start a tour over the country, playing in festivals and opening for some international bands. On 2013 the band will realease their next album, recorded at La Atlantida Studio and produced by Edgar Beltri. ... more

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