by Hyde Abbey



Label - Fire Warning
Recorded and Mixed at La Atlántida Estudio by Edgar Beltri & Mario Patiño
Produced by Edgar Beltri
Mastered by Yves Roussel
All the songs comosed by Hyde Abbey
Managment and booking - booking@backgroundnoise.es
Press contact - sara@backgroundnoise.es
Artwork done by Andreu Matallana - andreumatallana.tumblr.com


released April 9, 2013

Would like to thank:
La Atlántida Estudio
Don't Poray for Me
Andreu Matallana
Kilian Conan from La Atlántida Estudio
all the people who have made this CD possible
and anyone else we may have forgotten.



all rights reserved


Hyde Abbey Barcelona, Spain

Hyde Abbey is a Deathcore band formed in Mataro, BCN In early 2010. On 2011 the band edit their first album "Hall of Shame" (Suspiria Records) and start a tour over the country, playing in festivals and opening for some international bands. On 2013 the band will realease their next album, recorded at La Atlantida Studio and produced by Edgar Beltri. ... more

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Track Name: Saqqara Bird
We take the last breath of this life,
At the gates of the world below

Slaved by the whip of my pharaoh
I burn my skin under a searing sun
Blood stains the sand, my hands are touching
The death of my belief is my encouragement

The skyline’s turning black
And moon, red as a bloodshed
The whole sky caves in
Exhuming thousands of mummies from their rest

At the red river in front of me
But before I’ll endure this slaughter

I am confined into Saqqara
Against my will
Where I only have this wooden bird of my sons
Just not to fade my memory

If these sacks of bones pull me under
At the gates of the underworld
I’ll raise from the arms of Anubis
Saqqara bird will be my light

“I shall lay my vengeance upon them”
People don’t forget, nothing gets forgiven
“I shall lay my vengeance upon you”

The skyline’s turning black
And moon’s red as a bloodshed
Saqqara Bird, Saqqara Bird
The whole sky caves in
Exhuming thousands of mummies

If these sacks of bones pull me under
At the gates of the underworld
I’ll raise from the arms of Anubis
Saqqara bird will be my light
Some trees flourish, others die

But my side wasn’t chosen, it was given
Track Name: Jack The Ripper
Be driven by the symptoms
of a beast in a man's suit
eradicate the obsession
and delusions will grow against

the son, the father and the holy ghost

I will not satisfy my desire
until the last throat's been sliced
and darkness taints my heart
from hell, I've created a funeral

Oh, My dear Polly
you're a queen within whores
but tonight we destroy the crown

I'll drain your body
at Bucks Row I achieve
the finest mutilation

bloodshed awakes and shakes the whole nation
it's my redemption
Evil awakes and terrifies population
Whitechapel's alleys

They won't fix me
I'm down on whores
I shall not quit ripping them

I love my work

I'll slit your fucking throat
I'll stab you again and again whore
I will stab you slut
I will not satisfy my desire
Track Name: Antikythera Mechanism
Wake up!
The stars have been aligned
The Callippic cycle has been fulfilled
Just hear the chained man
The eternal Prometheus is awoken

More than a thousand creatures
Reciting the apocalypse,
call our name,
you the nonbelievers, fear the eclipse

They unlock the bowels of the earth
Crawling up the walls
They unlock the bowels of the earth
¿what will become of me?

I guess I’m dreaming but my head starts to bleed
With bleary eyes I start to see
The artifact that foretold the dawn of the apocalypse,
The Antikythera Mechanism marked the date
of the eclipse that darkened our reality.

Wake up!
See how silence descends

How it embraces the battleground
We’ve sworn never to speak again
Only bloodlike stains
Only breathing but dead men

With hooks instead of hands,
With murderous tendencies
My skin is burning and I feel no pain
At least I am the infernal beast.

Lets the knife and come in
Let the carnage begins

Let's eviscerate those doomeds.
Their pain will be their redemption
Their blood will erase our memories

With bleary eyes I start to see
The artifact that foretold the dawn of the apocalypse,
the Antikythera Mechanism marked the date
of the eclipse that darkened our reality.
Track Name: Berenice
Someone told me that I would find
Some relief from my pain

I am into the deepest dream
Feeling my blood burning in resentment
I’d find the cause of my obsession
A love lost in a mental disorder
trying to deplete my sorrow
trying to bury my emptiness

my mind is oozing blood
and I cannot control my actions
My hands are stained with mud
from the grave of my beloved

Locked where the fallen lays
immersed in an intoxicant sense
my carcass finds the reason
Between weepings I find myself
with "32 small substances

32 small white substances
Track Name: Moonbeams
She called it the mark of the beast
And she knew every full moon
Would bring the same unbearable pain to me

Almost asleep, I see how these moonbeams bath my room
My skin releases the bearer of death
And an unstoppable yearning to devour

Once the beast is unleashed,
He only knows only one fear

That hunt is closer
Beaneath the Beast
His fangs snatched out of me
My human condition

Inside my Beast
Please Gypsy witch open the cage

I felt the powerful onslaught from nowhere,
Sank into her neck a thousand fangs before her last breath
My vision fades away as her blood trickles down the drain

Feel how the blood burns
The hunt starts tonight
Track Name: Porcelain
Her first sight possessed me to my insides,
Erasing my freedomwill.
My life was gone.
Blank eyes, I see no men safe, I see corridors where a virgin screams

I see blood stained blankets and death on her caresses
Countless souls withered, as years in his back
Her beauty concealed in crevices
Falling apart to finally uncover the insatiable monster.

It's hitting in the seams of the soul
I walked into the empty house to steal his portrait

But I found her lying with hands on his heart
neither a heartbeat, neither a breathing
echoed in the solitude of her dwelling
once she awake

Your life is being taken away

Everything that touches with her lips is reduced to ashes.
Too late to reconsider escape,
enslaves the souls of the deluded
She is secluded from the slumber

waiting the unwary who can deceive by her unreal beauty,
With souls snatched heated the embers,

slowly depletes me
Trapped with no alternative
I feel how my limbs are being consumed

as my blood dries while my desire increases on every ritual
the deceit is obvious but her beauty is overwhelming
Track Name: The Mowing Devil
I hear their breath, between life and death
Confined in a doubtful existence
This legion of undeads, has eaten my sweetheart

She lays buried!

Immersed in darkness,
Embracing death closer than God
I'm dealing with unholy behaviours,
confessions of an upcoming death

Echoes of a distant light, confirm the worst is yet to come,
What a picture, star ships have covered the whole sky infecting us from above

They've drawn a message with signs, using circles in our crops
As long as the virus grows in our cells.

Grows and grows infecting us all

Track Name: Ockham's Razor
As dusk cut by the knife of those who
hate this great bond between us
Threaten, the freedom which
Was given to us

With consciousness instead
Of an empty guide
We’ll take to the streets

Stripped off our humanity it’ll never come back home
Humanity, will never come back home

We’ve lost our direction
Shredded by misery
But we’re all dust
We’ll fuck your legacy

We are on the edge
We have been deceived
By the ones consuming us
Sucked by their fuckin' greed
They've never beaten so hard
But our dominion starts today

Under this surface of deception
We'll endure the toughest storm
Starving until you unleash
The deepest resentment

Our time has come
The time when we will die

Our humanity, will never come back home
Track Name: Chupacabras
Let the carnage begin

Once more we are in the back arse of nowhere
Knowing no one, begging for beer
This seems a brothel of horny chicks
This is a fuckin’ feast

We’re here ‘cause we like to party hard
My balls nearly explode, slaughter overdose
Deep in the wood seeking where to pee
I’m terrified when I realize

My feet are buried in rotten flesh
Again and again and again

Fuck! This endless trees, where the hell I’m in
A rain of gutted goats stains my skin
Oh God, say what else now?
A red eyed shadow’s haunting my butt

Oh God damn it! Chupacabras!
I’ve heard you suck goats but I’m so horny tonight
You can suck my cock

I’m bleeding darling
This penetration from the underworld
Tastes so sweet while it’s licking my balls